Netter Presenter

Welcome to your Netter Presenter where you can view and download any of the Plates from the 25th Anniversary edition Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy, 6e. Fifty additional Plates from previous editions of the Atlas, videos, and other supplementary content can be found under "Videos and More."

Each plate is available to download in 3 versions:

1. With all labels and leader lines, 2. With leader lines and no labels, 3. Completely unlabelled

You can also create an online Presentation by adding individual images to a "lightbox" and then going to the "My Atlas" tab to manage these lightboxes and view them as Slide Shows. NOTE: Slide Shows are NOT downloadable

Note about accessing the Atlas through an Institution: To add notes, bookmarks, or begin creating lightboxes, you must first login with a personal account (if you have one) or your free subaccount using buttons at the top right of this page or the tabs on the far right of the NetterReference bookshelf. If you don’t yet have a subaccount, you can create one within your Institutional account using the same login screen.

Image Disclaimer

Refer to your individual license agreement for your rights using these images for personal, educational, and other non-commercial purposes. View license agreement.

NOTE: Your Institution may have licensing rights in addition to those listed on the individual license agreement. Refer to your library or network administrator for a copy of the license or contact